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Ultimate ReboundAir-1/4 fold
Ultimate ReboundAir-1/4 fold

Our Price: $380.00

Product Code: URAQF

Anna Benson says, "Rebounding does more than provide extra-fun cardio without joint stress. The gravity-force of each jump has an automatic training effect on the pelvic floor, rebounding helps overcome incontinence." The same gravity-force forces circulation of the lymphatic system, like shaking a bottle of liquid. Many think this is why users see reduced cellulite on their legs, glutes and arms.

Of course you can find cheaper, rebounders. However, they frequently have a tighter, less satisfying bounce. You compromise both the 'ride' & your safety. All three of these models are sturdy and well-designed. You guarantee results, because you will like to rebound!

"Rebounding circulates lymphatic fluids, which do not have a pump, like the heart for blood. Lymph fluids 'pool' in the body without exercise. Since one in eight women will have breast cancer, (which frequently affects the surrounding lymph nodes), one could consider rebounding an excellent choice to improve circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluids surrounding the chest.

The Ultimate Rebounder has the best 'ride' and is a good choice for serous athletes or those who weight over 200 pounds. A quarter-fold, it is truly mobile for those on the go. This is the model we use in the workouts. If you have low ceilings in your house, consider this one; it's a little shorter than the others."

The innovative and convenient Quarter-Fold design gives you a smooth ride. This model is not as high as the other models & a good for workout rooms with low ceilings Excellent choice for those who travel.

This revolutionary model is constructed with the latest in composite polymer materials used in aircraft and performance car engines. Stronger yet lighter than metal frames. The legs unlock and fold, stowing perfectly into the frame. The frame folds twice to fit inside the custom carrying case.

The case fits the durable pull dolly for the ultimate in convenience and portability. Health club quality at an in-home price. Excellent for demonstrations, traveling physical therapists or for those who want the state-of-the-art of Rebound Exercise equipment. Built to last decades of regular use. There is no need for a spring cover! The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself!

Aggressively tested at 300 lb user weight. However, the lifetime warranty covers all components for all users up to 400 lb on this Quarter Fold model, The Ultimate Rebounder. Our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement are included.
Tracie Long G-Force 1 with Anna Benson
Tracie Long G-Force 1 with Anna Benson
Tracie Long G-Force 1 with Anna Benson
Tracie Long G-Force 1 with Anna Benson

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