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Anna Benson created Fitness Favorites in 2007 after establishing itself as the exclusive DVD manufacturer and distributor of pre-2001 'classic' The FIRM workouts. Many of these workouts had been produced only on VHS. Anna Benson took on the challenge of producing these workouts for DVD, providing treasure classics that will last for many years to come.

In the FitPrime Original Series, Anna Benson introduces the concepts of Non-Dominant and Pelvic Diaphragm Training using innovative tools and equipment to enhance the workout. This series contains rebounder workouts that promote safe low-impact cardio training.

Anna Benson with her sister Cynthia Benson, designed, directed, and supplied the Women's Health and Fitness Network (WHFN) series of workouts. This series of workouts feature a fusion of Weights, Cardio, Pilates, and Yoga and introduced the age-appropriate 'smart not hard' workout concepts.

Innovative, proven, and fun, Anna Benson continues to be the sole supplier of some of the most favorite workouts ever produced.

About Anna
In 1986, Anna Benson, Cynthia Benson, and Mark Hendriksen revolutionized fitness programs with her training theories. Considered one of the leading fitness innovators of our era, Anna designed the original system used in all FIRM workouts. As founder of FitPrime she took her training methods to new heights by bringing her newest training principles to home users. These training methods are non-dominant training, yoga and pilates fusion. Incorporating high style and great production to the exercise DVD industry, Anna designed and directed 12 Women's Health and Fitness Network (WHFN) workouts bringing an acute visual impact to home workouts.

Anna L Benson (12/19/1949 - 11/23/2009)