SmartBall Every Workout!

With all workouts, use these silicon 'dumbbells' for constant resistance to improve the strength of the pelvic floor. Inside each 'red' ball, is a smaller, weighted ball. They bounce inside to add a tad of g-force to all moves. To understand how they work, see the Video Information Section included at the end of the DVD workout.

You're not alone if you pee a little bit when you sneeze or laugh. Rarely discussed, incontinence (and sexual dysfunction) are statistically significant issues. As many as 7 out of 10 women have some type of pelvic floor problem, especially after childbirth and menopause.

The skill of greater intimate control both reduces incontinence and increases sexual happiness for you and your mate. Due to a Western cultural taboo against sexual education for women, 'IndePrime' is also a 'trojan horse' to include this training, promoted under the quise of 'incontinence prevention'.

More than once, Dr. Oz (Oprah's Show) has said an optimal level of sex is about 200 times a year. Dr. Oz says studies have shown associated longevity with this level of frequency; we may live up to 10 years longer! Good sex may come naturally for some. But for everyone, the activity can be enhanced, and the desire for it increased, through pelvic diaphragm development as presented in the 'IndePrime' workout.

Over dinner, I asked a close male friend (with a colorful past) what percentage of his lovers have had the vaginal skills to fuel the flames of love. He said only a few women consciously participated 'down there'; and none had done so consistently with skill and 'games'.

Sir Richard Burton, the translator of the 'Kama Sutra' and connoisseur of erotica, traveled the world during the Victorian era, and sampled many types of women. While he may have had delightful conversation with his European paramours, he said they were not 'talented' lovers.

You will be able to practice the exercises with your husband (or lover); and so enthralled, he will believe you are a reincarnated love goddess. And you will be most pleasantly surprised by the depth and quality of your own response. 'Peak Sex' with extended, massive climaxes is the result of this education and mastery. Delve into a new type of intimacy with the talent to enjoy prolonged, intensely pleasurable, orgasms.

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