The FIRM: Five Classic DVDs

Body Sculpting Basics

with Susan Harris

The Original Master Tape is the source for each title. Only one workout per DVD guarantees minimal compression and delivers the best possible resolution.

You see a crisp, colorful, high-quality image and hear a rich sound mix of both music and voice.

Hand-assembled without shrink-wrap.

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Time Crunch
with Susan Harris & Kai Soremekum

Tough Tape
with Tracie Long

Maximum Cardio
with Carissa Foster

Sculpting with Weights
with Tracie Long
Your health is your most precious possession. It's much easier to be consistent and disciplined if you enjoy your workouts, so build a collection of some of the best home workouts. Improve strength and ability to handle stress with regular use of interesting DVDs. Save time, gas & money. A good investment, you will use more often and may even get better results than in expensive gyms. No matter what your age or physical condition, it’s never too late to get started. These workouts combine all methods (weights, cardio, yoga, balance, functional movement, core stability & pelvic diaphragm exercises) for quick, visible results.


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SmartBall Every Workout

Most women will get tremendous benefits from using SmartBalls during each workout. Internal dumbbells create a strong pelvic floor. (Why is this important?) Now three different models are available.
With the approval of the copyright holder Gaiam Americas Inc., Fitness Favorites LLC is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of pre-2001 The FIRM workouts. These workouts (Release Dates: 2008-2011) are identifiable by features not included on pre-2005 inventory manufactured by Good Times Entertainment as well as illegal copies. These include 1) one single DVD per workout for maximum quality, 2) subject menu cards and 3) chapter markers for each tune in the soundtrack.
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