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This high-intensity cardio workout from The Firm boasts more fat-burning aerobic exercises than any other video in the series -- finally, a truly challenging program for intermediate and advanced levels. Instructor Carissa Foster leads you through a series of fast-paced step and dance aerobic routines, some integrated with dumbbell use for muscle toning and bone building. Set to lively and diverse music, these creative exercises insure that there is never a dull moment. The complete workout also includes: warm-ups with an optional "medicine ball," an intense muscle-toning-only segment, and additional instruction on form and technique. Requires at least two sets of
dumbbells and a step.

This high-energy workout features an instructor who is gorgeous, lean, and very clear in her cuing and explanations, surrounded by other gorgeous, lean women and one fit man. You need quite a lot of equipment for this one: an 8- to 10-inch step for cardio, a 12- to 14-inch step for muscle, dumbbells, a barbell, and an optional weighted ball. The workout gets started quickly with a rhythmic warm-up using weighted balls. Then the pace escalates with both high- and low-impact aerobics inspired by sports (run, squat) and dance. Next comes an aerobic step segment, then a longer aerobic segment both on and off the step while holding light weights. Then you put the step away and do a long set of high-low dance aerobics and sports moves. No, you are not done yet--next, pick up light weights again and continue moving, then jog with the weighted ball, then exchange the weights for a high step to put the finishing touches on your legs. Next, grab the barbell for some muscle work. And of course, no workout would be complete without an abdominal segment and stretch. All of these activities take place in 46 minutes, making the workout overall extremely varied, high-powered, and a real calorie burner. This is recommended for intermediate to advanced exercisers who like mopping sweat off their brows. --Joan Price

Maximum Cardio is GREAT! I wouldn't trade this video for my life!
This video is 45 minutes, for some, a shortie of a workout, but for me, by the end I am POOPED! I am advanced, and do the long workouts by the firm (total body shaping mix classics, all over hour videos) but this one makes me weak!
Carissa Foster is a great instructor, she is not overpowering, and she does not sound like a man w/ an extremely deep voice.
She is just pretty and is sculpted, an ideal look for FIRM users!

I love this workout because- There is more cardio than most FIRMS -the music is great! Carissa is a good instructor!
There is weight and cardio together in a different way than many FIRMs. Kinda like a "Split" video. Cardio mainly at the beginning, and toning at the end! This combo for me seems to just burn burn burn fat off of my bod. This video and Cardio burn are so good! Please find this firm, it is worth the work! :)

I recently found myself a used copy of this video. So glad I did, it is too bad it is out of print, it's a great video. The workout is led by Carissa Foster. It runs about 45 minutes, the majority of it is cardio, with the last 15 minutes being toning with weights. There is a lot of cardio variety here, you will see low impact, high impact, step aerobics, 4 limb aerobics some of it on the step. There is also an aerobics section which uses a small ball, a soccer ball or small pillow would be a good substitute if you do not have a small ball. You could even skip the ball if you wanted. The toning section is short but thorough, you will see lunges and dips, pushups, upright rows, bent over rows, bicep curls and tricep dips all in just 15 minutes. Most of the toning work is done with a barbell, but dumbbells can be easily used in place if you do not have a barbell. A short box is used for aerobics, plus the lunges and dips, and a tall box is used for a set of tall box climbs. A step and stool would also work here. If you can find a copy of this video get it, it is loads of fun and the music is great too, some of the best music I have heard in a Firm video. Highly recommended.

I just purchased this video and I really have to say I absolutely LOVE it! I have been looking for a workout video like this for along time. I have several other FIRM workout videos and this is my favorite....I really enjoy a lot of aerobics and this tape does have a lot and not the old boring same step aerobics either. It seemed just when I thought I could not go any further...that segment ended and another interesting and challenging one began that made me keep on going. I realized that after doing this video a couple of times it was becoming my favorite. I try to alternate it with another firm video every other day, but sometimes have trouble keeping myself away from it. It is a very motivating, fun, challenging, feeling like you actually worked out video that ALWAYS leaves me dripping at the end.... I really like the instructor...she kept me going and the music kept my feet moving. I would recommend this video to anyone who is looking for any of the above. IT IS THE BEST IN MY OPION!

I love this tape! This FIRM tape features 25 minutes of cardio, then sculpting/weight work. First, you warm up using a weighted ball, next is sports aerobics with the weighted ball. Then comes some step work with and without light (3-5#) dumbbells. Floor aerobics follows, which is a mix of low and high impact. Two of the aerobic segments are from The FIRM, Super Cardio (plyometric jumps while holding light dumbbells and the segment where you jog with the sports ball). Next comes step squats with weights for shoulder work. By now, your legs are screaming for mercy.....hold on!!!!!! Next, you climb the tall box/fanny lifter. By this point, you are drenched with sweat! The end is weight work: lunges on the small step, dips off the small step, triceps dips, bicep work, shoulder work and push ups off the small step. They use a barbell for resistance in the sculpting segment; you can use heavy weights instead. This is a great workout. Another great tape from the FIRM!

Love this one! All these years I didn't realize that Maximum Cardio, Cardio Burn and Power Cardio were the workouts that Core Cardio I, Core Cardio II and Bust and Butt were taken from because The Firm was sneaky and issued the later three first. They were really just Parts tapes! And funny enough, I liked Carissa's parts the best and considered just fast forwarding to her parts on the tapes when I found out about Maximum Cardio.

This workout consists of some great, original routines that are really fun to do. You just can't get bored and the workout goes by fast. When I previewed it seemed like it was on super high-speed but it didn't feel that way when I was doing it, though it does move fast. It's not as high-impact as Cardio Burn and is a great mix of hi-lo, step and four-limbed cardio sometimes including light weights. Some jumps are sneaked in as well. After the cardio, there's some great weight work, but this workout's focus is cardio. I really like Carissa Foster as an instructor as well.

I absolutely love this cardio workout! It is fun and motivating. Carissa Foster is a great instructor. The music is very motivating the participants look like they are having fun. This is a good intermediate/ advance workout. My advice to you is try it!! The instructor makes you feel like you can get through this workout from beginning to end!! Even though it is challenging you are a little disappointed when the workout end, but know that you can't do it over again. So that said get it, do it!!!!

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