The FIRM BASICS Sculpting with Weights
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I bought this video on a whim. I was curious to see if the "results in 10" were true. I had been taking a once-a-week muscle sculpting class for about a month when I started the video. Well - it was true - I saw results after about 7 times of doing the tape! After one month, I would say I looked like I had lost about 14-15 pounds, but really only lost 7, I toned more than lost weight. The thing I love about this tape is that the way Tracie talks through the reps, I never found myself thinking " oh god I don't think I can do any more" before you know it, you've done 12 or 16 reps. She doesn't count all of the reps so you don't realize just how much you've done, she talks in the meantime. This is the only exercie tape that I've stuck with. I strongly recommend this to people who can't stay committed. I've tried exercise videos in the past, and within 1 or 2 weeks, I quit. This tape, along with two other FIRM tapes I have, give good variety and make you WANT to exercise.

After reading the reviews on this website, I ordered this video along with the Firm Basics Fat Burning Workout. I was so excited to learn that the FIRM had tapes for beginners. I own 2 other tapes, and found them to be too difficult given my fitness level. After doing the Fat Burning tape last night I practically ran home to do the Sculpting with Weights video, I was so pleased to finally be able to complete a FIRM video. Well this tape really blew me away! It's a slightly tougher workout IMHO than Fat Burning. Just right for my fitness level. It is a must for anyone looking to start a weight training program. It combines aerobic intervals with weights to give you a really great workout. It is perfect for those for whom the Richard Simmons, Jenny Craig, and WW's tapes are far too easy (like myself), but are not quite ready for advanced or complicated aerobic workouts. The ratio of weight training to aerobics is 2:1. The Fat Burning Tape is 1:2. There are no complicated dance moves or distracting music. Just a great instructor who guides you through each move expertly. As stated by a previous poster, I feel encouraged and motivated to stick with these tapes. I can also envision the day when I will need to move on to the next level of FIRM tapes, and look forward to it. If there is a better tape out there for those looking to start a weight training and aerobics program, I would love to hear about it. Until then...I'm a FIRM believer!

I tried another Firm tape about a year and a half ago that was much more difficult than this one, and sort of did it for a couple of months before stopping. I decided to give it another try with the Basics series. This is my favorite in the series. It was the perfect level for me. It was short enough and within my reach, but every time I worked out, I really felt like I had been challenged. Within a couple of weeks, I could feel muscles all over my body. The instructor is genuine and she is very helpful about correct form. I realized that when I had been pushing myself with the harder Firm video, I wasn't using correct form. Even though this video is "easier," I can feel that I am getting better results. Sometimes the firm "ravers" make you feel inferior if you find the basics videos challenging, but don't let them . . . there's no shame in starting at the right level. This is hard enough to make you feel proud and make you feel strong - without being so hard that you give up.

I have all of the firm series of exercise videos & quite frankly was discouraged because I just couldn't do them! But when the Firm Basics series came out, I figured I'd give them one more try - and I am soo very glad that I did. I purchased all three, and have been using them for just over one month. You will get a serious workout & you will see results in ten workouts - I began to feel a difference after seven - one workout every other day.

This video is a really great workout for beginners and can be adapted (by using heavier weights) for more expereinced exercisers. Tracie long is a great instructor and gives excellent cues, including examples of common mistakes in form that people make and lots of information about which exercises work which muscles. I encourage anyone (beginner or advanced) to watch the ENTIRE video - including the extra info. before and after the workout.
I started out with the FIRM Basics (Fat Burning and then this one) and they [were difficult] when I first started. Now I use them with heavier dumbells and alternate with more challenging Firm videos, like the Cross Trainers Strength and Cardio.
Note-- you need dumbells (light, medium and heavy) to do this video. They recommend starting with 3, 5 and 8-lbs. (two of each). If you don't already have them, you should strongly consider buying them, especially if you are planning to use other FIRM vidoes (which I highly recommend doing!). Also, you will need a step or stool. In this video, it's only used to sit on while you do upper body work with weights, so you could use a chair if you don't have the step. (Some of the more advanced FIRM videos use the step for other things and you can't subsititute a chair for those exercises.) It also uses a towel to stretch at the end (I use my Yoga strap.) Give it a try - it really works.

I was involved in accident about a month before I got this tape. I decided to give it a try since I needed to gain my strength back and knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the other fitness videos I had, and let me tell you, this was GREAT! It was just right for me. Not too hard and not too easy either. I have been using this video for about two weeks and I have already regained a lot of the strength I lost while I was recovering from my accident. It is a perfect stepping stone for those of us who want to get back in shape, but are not strong enough to keep up with the other videos out there that are either too easy or too hard for us couch potatoes. I would highly recommend this video, especially if you are interested in more Firm videos as this is a great way to "pump up" before trying the harder ones.

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