(52 min. Intermediate-Advanced Total-Body workout; Professional DVD-R)

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For a V8-Cadillac-Bod, IndePrime tightens the interior pelvic diaphragm, as well as sculpts the exterior 'wardrobe'. Special muscle exercises for the base of the pelvis, reduce the need for pads, drugs or surgery to control incontinence. Best of all, you will increase and prolong your orgasmic intensity as you become an extraordinary lover.

Equipment: step, bells, stick & foam wedge. A foam Body Wedge can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. A large stability ball or pillows can substitute for the wedge. Add Smart Balls to your IndePrime DVD order. Why do you need them? See this Video Information Section.

Lead by Anna Benson, this workout uses traditional home workout equipment in a variety of familiar and novel exercises. Throughout, the pelvic diaphragm is included.

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"Thanks Anna!!! Finally, a woman with courage and foresight!" Workout Partner Sallie

"As a Firm user, and believer! from the days of the original Firms, I'm so thrilled that Anna is continuing to come up with new workouts. Anna's workouts are the most creative, intelligent, and so far advanced than anyone elses. Where Anna goes, I will follow." Workout Partner Mary

"I look forward to receiving this workout. Anna's workout are consistently the best and the ones I turn to for a complete workout. Thank you, Anna!" Workout Partner Denise

"Thank you so much, Anna. I credit you with starting me out on my home video fitness journey and keeping me motivated for 2 decades!! Workout Partner PattyLou

"I ....cannot wait to get this latest workout of yours! So glad that YOU are leading it! It was wonderful to be able to view the nice, long trailer of it, a terrific addition to the website. I love the idea of the pelvic floor focus and all the other unique moves you've incorporated. I bought all the equipment to get the full effect!" Workout Partner Connie

"I hope you continue to bless us with your workouts for decades. You have improved my heath a great deal -- workouts used to bore me to death and then I found The Firm, well, there was no looking back and your contributions are many and need to continue as so many babyboomers like me age." Workout Partner Sadie

"You have always been ahead of your time when it came to being creative & innovative. Your work is very much appreciated." Workout Partner Brenda

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